Thursday, June 11, 2015

From Word to Book

Wow. Just... wow.
Earlier today, the amazing VP of Operations for my publisher sent me the first proof of INCONCEIVABLE as an ebook. Seeing the words I've edited, tweaked, and read in Microsoft Word transformed into book format is absolutely overwhelming. The top image is a screenshot of my ebook. (HOORAY!) I knew I'd be excited when my eARC arrived, but I wasn't prepared for the emotions it would provoke: excitement to see my manuscript coming to the end/beginning of its journey, protectiveness for my characters as they're about to be sent into the world, and hope that people will love this story as much as I do. On a side note, I'm in the process of lining up book bloggers, adoption proponents, and advocates in the infertility community to review INCONCEIVABLE. Please feel free to reach out to me if you or someone you know is an influencer who wants to review my book.

Perhaps it's fitting that I'm typing this blog post in the same Starbucks where I wrote the very words of this novel. When I began nearly three years ago, I thought I was starting at the beginning. But the very first scene I ever wrote actually became the epilogue. It's the only part of the book that's in Prince John's voice. I didn't realize when I began that this was, in fact, Hatty's story to tell and John's voice would be the cherry on top to wrap up the journey these characters take together.

It seems fitting to reflect on my journey to this point. As I've said previously, it takes a village to birth a book. I've had so much help along the way, and I've grown tremendously as a writer. Without some of the other writers who've helped me along the way, I wouldn't be here with an ARC in hand. I'm not sure I'd even have a finished novel. And more than that, I'm well on my way to writing my second novel. Tentatively titled GLORYLAND, it's a young adult contemporary novel that's quite different than INCONCEIVABLE in tone and style. Early feedback is very positive. And now that I know the joy that comes from seeing my Word document changed into an ebook, I'm even more eager to get this second novel finished, edited, and on its way to publication.

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